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Building a Strong Brand: Strategies for Professionals in the Digital Age

Simply providing good products is no longer enough, competition is fierce and attention spans are short, you need more than just technical expertise to succeed. You need a strong personal brand that sets you apart from the crowd and establishes you as thought leaders in your industry. […]

The Importance of Customer Reviews and Online Reputation Management

In today’s interconnected and digital society, the role of customer reviews and online reputation management cannot be overstated when it comes to achieving business success. With consumers wielding the power to express their thoughts and share their experiences about a brand, it has become imperative for businesses […]

How to Create Ideas for Content That Attracts and Engages

Occasionally running short on ideas for engaging content is more or less inevitable. The more regularly you publish, the easier it becomes to hit a creative brick wall. At times like these, it pays to stand back from the whole thing, take a deep breath and adopt […]

Product Pricing Not a Ranking Factor, Even if it Should Be

Google’s job is to recommend the best available websites and pages, based on the requirements of the user. When browsing online for products or services, everyone wants to know they are getting a good deal. If the same product is available from 10 different retailers at 10 […]

WordPress Introduces New Performance Lab Plugin

WordPress has announced the launch of its new Performance Lab plugin, a suite of tools aimed at enabling WordPress users to boost the performance of their websites. Specifically, Performance Lab provides developers with the opportunity to trial improvements to WordPress prior to their implementation in the software’s […]

Google’s Top Search Terms for 2021 Dominated by the Euros

The countdown to the end of the year can only mean one thing; another round up of Google’s top search terms from the past 12 months. As usual, most of the terms dominating the rankings this year come as no surprise. While the overwhelming majority of top […]

Continuous Scroll on Mobile Now Being Rolled Out by Google

Google is continuing its push to provide mobile users with a more streamlined experience, with the rollout of ‘continuous scroll’, more typically referred to as infinite scroll, the feature negates the need to hit the “more results” button at the bottom of the page. The update is […]

Google Blocks Millions of Android Users from YouTube, Google Maps and Gmail

There was bad news for millions of older Android device users this week, with Google having blocked access to some of the platform’s most important features. As announced by the company several weeks ago, September 27 brought the official withdrawal of access to YouTube, Google Maps and […]

Site Manager User Role Disappears from Google My Business

Google has taken upon itself to remove the ‘Site Manager’ level of user rights within Google My Business. Previously one of the three roles that could be assigned to a Google My Business user, Site Manager has disappeared and been replaced with ‘Manager’. Previously, the three options […]

Google Ads to Block Ad Targeting Based on the Age, Gender and Interests of Under-18s

Google has confirmed that over the next few months, additional safeguards will prevent ad targeting based on age, gender or interests of users under the age of 18. The move is designed to prevent potentially age-sensitive ad categories targeting teenagers, as part of the company’s ongoing efforts […]