Month: May 2022

Google’s Spring Cleaning Efforts Bid Farewell to the URL Parameters Tool

Some time ago, Google announced plans to make a raft of important (and long overdue) improvements to its URL Parameters tool in Search Console. After which, nothing happened – no further information, and no apparent changes to the tool. Now, Google has backtracked on its initial announcement […]

Why Your Google Business Profile Has Been Suspended

Claiming your business on Google Maps and setting up a full Google Business Profile is a must. If you want to appear prominently in Google’s local search rankings and have any chance of reaching your target audience, it is something you need to do…period. All well and […]

Major Google Product Reviews Update Now Well Underway

Google’s March 2022 product reviews update is now well underway, which according to the search giant could have a significant impact on “product reviews across many sites”. Interestingly, however, there have been comparatively few reports to date of the update having any major impact on search rankings […]

Less Than 1% of All Google Maps Content is Fraudulent or Abusive, Google Claims

One of Google Maps’ biggest points of appeal is the way in which it can be interacted and edited by anyone, 100% free of charge with no specific restrictions in place. At the same time, this can also be its Achilles heel. The sheer openness of Google […]

Google Launches New ‘Google Partners Directory’

Google has officially lifted the lid on the new Google Partners directory, engineered to make it “easier than ever to find the right partner to help you grow your business.” “Google Partners use their Google Ads expertise to help you stand out, maximise campaign success and drive client […]

Alt Text a Factor for Image Search Only, Google Confirms

John Mueller has attempted to quell any remaining confusion regarding how Google factors alt text into its SERP ranking decisions. Specifically, Mr Mueller stated that alt text should be used purely with accessibility in mind, with image search SEO as a secondary point of importance. Perhaps more […]

Google’s John Mueller Quizzed on 404 Page Redirects Following Site Migration

It has been common knowledge that when a link points to a 404 error, i.e. a page that does not exist, it has no SEO value. Bum links like this will not necessarily cripple your SERP performance, but they are not taken into account by Google and […]