Month: August 2021

Google Core Updates Have Unique Individual Effects, Says Google’s John Mueller

Each time Google rolls out a core update to its search algorithm, the world holds its collective breath. What follows is a steady stream of reports from worried webmasters watching their SERP rankings and traffic for signs of movement. Some see their prominence on page one take […]

The Six Most Essential Components of an Effective SEO Strategy

An effective search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy can drive organic traffic to your website like nothing else; it can also be a surprisingly affordable way to generate exposure for your online business with the potential to deliver an unbeatable ROI. But in terms of the components of […]

The Importance of SEO for Business Growth In 2021

Contrary to popular belief, SEO is anything but an outdated concept. As the world’s reliance on the major search engines continues to grow, so too does the importance of an effective SEO strategy. In order to stand any real chance of keeping up with your competitors, you […]

Google Provides Additional Information on Specific Search Rankings

Google has released an expansion to its recently introduced results box feature, this provides detailed insights into why a specific search result was allocated in its specific ranking. Providing invaluable information for web users and SEO firms alike the new feature clearly states which search terms are […]

Has Google Silently Dropped a Major Algorithm Change?

All signs are pointing to what may have been a relatively significant Google algorithm change over the past week or so. Specifically, updates began pouring in from website owners on Friday July 23rd, which continued growing in volumes into fairly late on Saturday July 24th. As is […]

Link Spam Algorithm Update Confirmed by Google

Google is not normally in the habit of announcing its more modest algorithm updates, something that suggests this weeks ‘link spam update’ could be a big deal. SEO-watchers have been expecting the link spam update to land for some time, which would see Google taking a more […]