Month: March 2022

Is User Search History A Major Google Ranking Factor?

In theory, you would expect user search history to be a major Google ranking factor. Google is engineered to personalise its recommendations to users, in accordance with their unique preferences and browsing habits. In which case, individual search history as a ranking factor would be a no-brainer. […]

Internal Linking Optimisation: What Does it Mean?

For webmasters and marketers, high-authority backlinks are the Holy Grail of SEO. They carry huge weight with Google, they funnel organic traffic to your website, and they have enormous long-term value. On the downside, the process of earning these top-shelf backlinks can be difficult and time-consuming. The […]

Google Completes Desktop Page Experience Update

Announced some time ago and officially started as of February 22, Google has confirmed that its desktop Page Experience Update is now complete. Now comes the time for webmasters and SEOs to assess what (if any) impact the update has had on their performance in the SERP […]

People Also Ask: The New SERP Powerhouse

Increasingly, Google is placing heavy emphasis on the People Also Ask (PAA) section in its search listings. As are those who use Google, who now routinely turn to PAA for concise answers to key questions. The People Also Ask box appeared some time ago as an experiment […]

Google Page Experience Update for Desktop Now Well Underway

Late last month, Google announced that it had begun the rollout of its desktop page experience update, scheduled to be fully completed by the end of March.  Originally announced some time ago, the update is now well underway and is set to have a marked impact on […]

Do Keyword-Based Domains Bring an SEO Advantage?

Google’s very own John Mueller has been put on the spot to settle a seriously contentious SEO debate. In this instance, he was quizzed by a Reddit user on the long-standing suggestion that keyword-based domains could provide some kind of SEO bonus. For some time, it has […]

Is Physical Proximity To the Searcher a Ranking Factor?

Logically speaking, physical proximity as a ranking factor should be a no-brainer. But whether or not this is the case has been a subject of heavy debate for some time. Figures from Google suggest that almost one in every three searches performed has local intent. This means […]

How Does Updating Page Titles Every Day Affect SEO?

For some time, debate has raged as to the potential benefits or consequences of daily page title alterations. Some have sworn that to update page title every day is a great way to maximise the SEO value of their content, while others have warned quite the opposite […]

Google’s Complex, Outdated Webmaster Guidelines Set for Major Update

Making total sense of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines has never been easy. Not least because they are so incredibly long and complicated, compounded by the fact that they are being amended and updated on a near-constant basis. Consequently, indications that the Google Webmaster Guidelines could be radically overhauled […]