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Search Marketers Encouraged to Prepare as Google Announces Switch from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4

On Tuesday of this week (5th October), Google announced that a new Google Analytics 4 update will be taking place but have not said exactly when. The GA4 update will include data driven attribution, a new Search Console integration and new machine learning models. Although no switch […]

How to Monitor Your Website Performance in 2021 with SEO Tools

The importance of building a good online presence in 2021 can not be underestimated. It may feel like a daunting task with the concept of updates and algorithms completely overwhelming. However, it is vital that you know where your traffic is coming from and if that traffic […]

Web Traffic Volumes: Why Bigger Is not Always Better

Every website needs a steady stream of traffic to sustain it. In the absence of traffic, a website is a redundant entity. As a result, all businesses prioritise web traffic as a primary component of their SEO strategy, but what is often overlooked is the fact that […]

Call Tracking: The Evolution of an Advertising Essential

Since its introduction several decades ago, call tracking has played a major role in the marketing and advertising landscape. Traditionally customers would call a business and be asked a couple of direct questions. For example, where they heard about the business, how they got their phone number […]