Google Advises Against Disallowing Internal Footer Links

08 Apr, 2024 Google

In a recent discussion, Google’s John Mueller strongly recommended against disallowing internal footer links.

Responding to a query on Reddit about whether to disallow certain footer pages, John cautioned against such actions, suggesting that the problems it creates will only frustrate future endeavors.

Google has consistently discouraged the use of nofollow tags on internal links, dismissing PageRank sculpting as an ineffective strategy. Even Matt Cutts echoed this sentiment back in 2010, advising against the practice.

Echoing past statements, Mueller reiterated that employing nofollow tags for internal linking serves little purpose, dubbing it a “common SEO myth” and emphasizing the futility of such efforts.

The Forum discussion on Reddit can be found below:

Should I disallow some pages that are in footer?
byu/Separate_Throw inSEO