This Year Witnessed a 90% Surge in Suspended Advertisers by Google Ads, Alongside the Removal of 5.5 Billion Ads

28 Mar, 2024 Google Ads

In the latest unveiling of their 2023 Google Ads safety report, Google proudly announces the eradication of a staggering 5.5 billion ads from their platform. Not stopping there, they also wielded their authority to suspend 12.7 million advertiser accounts and restrict over 6.9 billion additional ads. Furthermore, they’ve taken measures to curtail ads from appearing on 2.1 billion publisher pages. These figures reflect a notable escalation, with approximately 6% more ads expunged, a staggering 90% increase in suspended advertiser accounts, a commendable 60% augmentation in restricted ads, and a significant 40% bump in ads barred from publisher pages in comparison to the previous year’s efforts.

Here are quotations from Google regarding these statistics:

Google Quote on Stats

Google Quote on Stats 2

Here are the raw numbers each year:

Raw Numbers on Ads

Here’s the bar chart:

Bar Charts on Ads

Below are graphical representations extracted from the safety report, delineating these statistics categorically:

Bad Ads Stopped 2023

Restricted Ads 2023

Ads Taken Action Against 2023

Google posted the following on X:

“From blocking billions of bad ads to improving verification and transparency for political ads, we’re committed to maintaining a healthy ad-supported internet.”

Duncan Lennox, VP & GM of Google Ads Privacy and Safety also wrote:

Duncan Lennox Google Ads Quote

You can download the full report from Google on this PDF.