The Six Most Essential Components of an Effective SEO Strategy

19 Aug, 2021 important components seo strategy

An effective search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy can drive organic traffic to your website like nothing else; it can also be a surprisingly affordable way to generate exposure for your online business with the potential to deliver an unbeatable ROI.

But in terms of the components of your campaign, which SEO strategies are most effective right now? Given the extent to which the SEO landscape has evolved over the years, what can you count on today to get the job done with consistent reliability?

1. Relevant, long-tail keywords

Basic one-word search terms need to be replaced with more specific long-tail alternatives. Today, nobody fires up Google and enters “Electrician” in hope of finding a decent contractor in their area. Instead, they type something along the lines of “Cheap emergency electrician in Sheffield” to find something that meets their needs with pinpoint precision.

2. In-depth site content

Something else that has been coming into play for some time now is the importance of detailed and in-depth site content. There is a time and a place for posts that deliver instant gratification, but going into detail on topics within your niche is something Google looks kindly upon. If looking to establish your brand as an authority in your field, this is the way to go.

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3.  Flawless technical prowess

This basically refers to all aspects of the performance of your website, which must be 100% flawless at all times. The latest estimates suggest that around 85% of people will abandon a website that does not load within 3 seconds. This also applies to the individual pages within your website during any given visit, all of which have the same 3 seconds to get the job done.

4. User-focused design

It may sound vague, but user-focused design is nonetheless essential. This basically means tailoring every bit of your website to deliver the best possible experience for each and every visitor. A simplified navigation system, straightforward presentation, a good mix of media types, all major contributors to the UX. Don’t make the mistake of engineering your site with search engines in mind; everything you do should focus exclusively on your visitors.

5. Voice search optimisation

This is where things get slightly tricky, as voice searches are typically phrased quite differently from their text counterparts. For example, rather than entering “Electrician near me” in the search bar, a voice user may ask “Where can I find a cheap electrician near me?” Consequently, you need to adjust your content to cater to these kinds of verbal queries; definitely something you should be doing, given how more than 1 billion voice searches are already conducted each month.

6. Local SEO

The major search engines continue to show preference to websites that prioritise local SEO. If you can break into the local SEO 3-pack and the top of the results page, you’re golden. Assuming you are targeting a specific locality with your products or services, it simply makes sense.