Significant Decrease in Links Shown in the Google Search Console Links Report

31 May, 2024 Google Links Report

Earlier this week, reports surfaced about a decrease in the number of links shown in the Google Search Console links report. The situation has since worsened, with a significant drop observed across the board.

Seroundtable documented their link count on May 30th and May 27th, showing a dramatic reduction. Their link count plummeted by approximately 40% within just a few days, falling from 287,000 links to 177,000 links.

Here is what they shared on May 30th:

May 30th Links GSC Report

And then on May 27th:

May 27th Links GSC Report

Below are some complaints that can be found online about this issue:

GSC Complaint 1

GSC Complaint 3

Google has historically displayed fewer and fewer links over time.

Below you can find a screenshot from June 2023 that shows 215,000 links:

June 2023 Links

Here is a screenshot from July 2022 showing 550,000 links:

July 2022 Links

October 2019 at 1.2 million links:

October 2019 Links

August 2018 at 2.5 million links:

August 2018 Links

Did you notice a drop in links in this report? If so, how bad?

As an Update on this, Daniel Waisberg from Google said the team is looking into it:

Google Looking Into Link Issue