Alt Text a Factor for Image Search Only, Google Confirms

John Mueller has attempted to quell any remaining confusion regarding how Google factors alt text into its SERP ranking decisions. Specifically, Mr Mueller stated that alt text should be used purely with accessibility in mind, with image search SEO as a secondary point of importance. Perhaps more […]

Google’s John Mueller Quizzed on 404 Page Redirects Following Site Migration

It has been common knowledge that when a link points to a 404 error, i.e. a page that does not exist, it has no SEO value. Bum links like this will not necessarily cripple your SERP performance, but they are not taken into account by Google and […]

Google Celebrates 25 Years of Danny Sullivan’s Remarkable Achievements

In a recent spotlight piece, Google has looked back on 25 years of Danny Sullivan’s prestigious career. During which, the company has accomplished some pretty incredible things, and has transformed the face of its search engine practically beyond recognition. For example, anyone who continues to think Google […]

Is Google EATing Up Your Site’s Content?

Google has never shied away from its preference for content that comes from sites and sources of genuine authority. In SEO stakes, nothing gets the job done better than a publisher that demonstrates an advanced level of expertise, authority and trust – aka E-A-T. All simple enough […]

Switching Domains Will Not Fix Site Quality Issues, Google Confirms

If there was an effective way to sidestep Google penalties and the effects of major algorithm changes, webmasters worldwide would be doing it by now. In reality, avoiding (or quickly reversing) the impact of a sudden SERP plummet is not nearly so straightforward. It has long been […]

Product Pricing Not a Ranking Factor, Even if it Should Be

Google’s job is to recommend the best available websites and pages, based on the requirements of the user. When browsing online for products or services, everyone wants to know they are getting a good deal. If the same product is available from 10 different retailers at 10 […]

Google Admits the Web is ‘Theoretically Impossible to Crawl’

For all its technological sophistication and prowess, Google is fundamentally flawed. The sheer size and complexity of the web has made it fundamentally impossible for any search engine to crawl it in its entirety. In response to a question posted by an SEO on Reddit, Google’s John […]

WordPress Introduces New Performance Lab Plugin

WordPress has announced the launch of its new Performance Lab plugin, a suite of tools aimed at enabling WordPress users to boost the performance of their websites. Specifically, Performance Lab provides developers with the opportunity to trial improvements to WordPress prior to their implementation in the software’s […]

Google Splits Sites Into Sections Based on Page Experience Metrics, Mueller Confirms

On countless occasions, Google’s John Mueller has made clear the importance of viewing your website’s SEO as a unified whole. His comments have poured cold water on suggestions that great parts of a website can compensate for lousy parts, or that you can improve your site’s SEO […]

Confirmed: Hreflang Has No Influence on SERP Position

If you run a website with content in a variety of languages, getting to grips with the basics of the hreflang attribute is essential. A fairly simple HTML attribute, the use and importance of hreflang is often overlooked by multi-language website owners. But when it comes to […]