Google’s Gary Illyes Sends Shockwaves: Links Take a Backseat in Ranking Pages!

In a groundbreaking revelation at the recent SERP Conf, Gary Illyes rocked the SEO world by reiterating Google’s evolving stance on links. Gone are the days when links were the holy grail of SEO. Illyes emphasised that Google now requires very few links to propel pages to […]

What to do if Google Changes Your GBP Information

Discover the essential steps to safeguard and navigate through Google’s adjustments to your Google Business Profile (GBP) information. For businesses invested in local SEO, Google Business Profiles (GBP) stands as a vital asset. However, the dynamic nature of Google’s algorithms means that updates to GBP listings can […]

Google to Wage War Against Site Reputation Abuse Spam Through Manual Interventions and Advanced Algorithms

Google’s latest spam algorithm update brings with it fresh spam policies, notably the forthcoming site reputation abuse policy slated for implementation in May 2024. Google has affirmed its commitment to combating site reputation abuse and spam through a combination of manual interventions (human oversight) and algorithms (machine-based […]

Google CEO on The Evolution of Search and SGE

In the realm of information navigation, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet/Google, envisions a dynamic shift towards AI-driven responses coupled with seamless website guidance. At the 2024 Business, Government, and Society Forum at Stanford University, Pichai emphasised Google’s commitment to evolving search into a generative experience where AI-generated […]

Google Addresses Concerns Over Potentially Harmful Search Results

In recent weeks, Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, has been addressing reports of search results not only lacking in quality but also posing potential harm. It’s disheartening to note that this wasn’t the norm just a few years ago. Reflecting on this issue, Hyung-Jin Kim, Google Search’s […]

March 2024 Google Core Update: Surfing Through Ranking Waves

As the March 2024 Google Core update continues its journey into the 36th day of dissemination, a surge in ranking fluctuations and dynamic shifts is palpable. Both Google tracking tools and the SEO sphere are abuzz with heightened chatter, signalling a potential crescendo in this update’s impact. […]

Google Advises Against Disallowing Internal Footer Links

In a recent discussion, Google’s John Mueller strongly recommended against disallowing internal footer links. Responding to a query on Reddit about whether to disallow certain footer pages, John cautioned against such actions, suggesting that the problems it creates will only frustrate future endeavors. Google has consistently discouraged […]

What Does Digital Marketing do for a Business?

In today’s hyper-connected world, customers are just a click away. But with so much competition vying for their attention, how do you make sure your business stands out? Enter digital marketing, a powerful toolbox for businesses of all sizes to thrive in the digital age. Digital marketing […]

This Year Witnessed a 90% Surge in Suspended Advertisers by Google Ads, Alongside the Removal of 5.5 Billion Ads

In the latest unveiling of their 2023 Google Ads safety report, Google proudly announces the eradication of a staggering 5.5 billion ads from their platform. Not stopping there, they also wielded their authority to suspend 12.7 million advertiser accounts and restrict over 6.9 billion additional ads. Furthermore, […]

Google’s View on Spammy Backlinks and the Negative Impact on Your Rankings

Google employee John Mueller answered a question regarding what to do about spammy backlinks that were thought to hurt search rankings. In response to a Reddit inquiry regarding a surge in spammy backlinks potentially hampering rankings, Google’s John Mueller provided insightful guidance, redirecting attention towards the key priorities […]