March 2024 Google Core Update: Surfing Through Ranking Waves

11 Apr, 2024 Google Update

As the March 2024 Google Core update continues its journey into the 36th day of dissemination, a surge in ranking fluctuations and dynamic shifts is palpable. Both Google tracking tools and the SEO sphere are abuzz with heightened chatter, signalling a potential crescendo in this update’s impact. Could this tumult signify the conclusion of the update’s undulating journey?

This update unfolds as an enigmatic anomaly, characterised by a myriad of revisions to the intricate web of ranking algorithms nested within Google’s core framework. Consequently, anticipation was rife for substantial ranking fluctuations throughout the update’s deployment. Initially slated for a 3–4 week rollout, we now find ourselves navigating the uncharted waters of week 5.

SEO Community Buzz

Delving into the echoes reverberating across WebmasterWorld, social media, and the commentary landscape of this platform, here’s a glimpse into the discourse surrounding the recent surge in volatility observed within the past 24 hours:

march core google update comments

march core google update comments 2

march core google update comments 3

march core google update comments 4

march core google update comments 5

Insights from Google Tracking Tools

Recent data from Google tracking tools hint at a degree of fluctuation in rankings over the preceding day or so. However, the observed volatility appears comparatively subdued when juxtaposed with the fervent discourse reverberating throughout the SEO landscape. Below is an overview of the current insights gleaned from these tools:

Similar Web

SimilarWeb tracking


semrush Tracking

Advanced Web Rankings

Advanced Web Rankings Tracking


mozcast tracking


serpmetrics Tracking


accuranker Tracking


mangools tracking


Wincher Tracking


serpstat Tracking


Algoroo Tracking

Cognitive SEO

cognitiveseo Tracking