Is it Worth Buying a Premium Domain Name?

11 Jun, 2021 Is it Worth Buying a Premium Domain Name?

Figuring out whether it is worth buying anything for your business means carefully considering the potential ROI. Buying a premium domain name is no different, which as the name suggests inherently means paying more than you would for a generic domain name.

While the average domain name can be registered and subsequently sold for no more than the cost of a cup of coffee, others sell for truly eye-watering sums of money. As with most things, the more people there are competing for a specific domain name, the more it ends up selling for.

As for what it is that defines a premium domain name, they tend to be short in length, easy to remember and highly brandable. Illustrated in a very basic example, the domain would sell for an exponentially higher price than, or something to that effect.

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Depending on how specific you want your domain name to be, you could be looking at a serious price for what is essentially a few simple words. But as mentioned above, you need to think carefully about the potential for this investment to generate healthy long-term returns.

As part of a broader branding and promotional strategy, picking up a premium domain name really can pay dividends.

Here is why:

1.  Premium domains typically generate more traffic

For one thing, a domain name and extension that contains the exact keywords of relevance to your business is guaranteed to work in your favour in SEO stakes.  In addition, a simple domain name that is clearly indicative of what the website offers almost always generates more clicks than something more ambiguous.  Hence, stepping up to a premium domain can lead to more traffic, more targeted traffic and more consistent traffic being driven to your website.

2.  A premium domain name is an excellent marketing material

This is where the simplicity and memorable nature of a premium domain name can prove effective. If you have an extremely clear and concise domain name that is easy to remember at a glance, you can publish it just about anywhere and people will remember it. From billboards and magazines to paid ads online, simple domains that make clear the brands they represent are easy to remember. Your domain can subsequently become an important part of your marketing promotional strategy, included in just about everything you publish – online and in the real world.

3.  Premium domain names suggest professionalism and authority

Of course, there is also much to be said for the all-round appeal of a brand or business that has a professional-looking domain name. For example, if your brand was called ‘Albion Air Conditioning’, the domain name would send a much stronger message than  Again, there is just something about clear and concise domain names that paints a positive and authoritative picture of the brand behind them.

In Summary…

At the risk of being ambiguous, it is entirely up to the brand in question to determine whether a premium domain name represents a worthwhile investment. Factors such as competition in your area, the audience you are targeting and the extent to which your business relies on web traffic should all be taken into account.

If unsure, an obligation-free consultation with an independent expert should be arranged, in order to discuss the options available and gain a better understanding of the potential benefits of premium domains.