Has Google Rolled Out Another Major Late-September Update?

15 Oct, 2021 Google

All indications on social media point to something going on behind the scenes at Google. Some people are hanging onto hope that it is all some kind of test, temporary fluctuation or anomaly. Elsewhere, most SEOs are now firmly convinced a major search ranking algorithm update has taken place.

More specifically, at least two major updates that have seen thousands plummet down the rankings in the course of recent weeks.

Google’s unannounced and unconfirmed search algorithm tweaks hit countless businesses hard towards the beginning of September. Now, chatter is growing regarding what may have been another major update that is said to have taken place on Saturday September 25 and Sunday September 26.

No clarification has yet been provided by Google, despite the fact that the vast majority of tracking tools indicate major turbulence and instability on both of these days.

In addition, SEOs and online business owners are again reporting major decreases in traffic, attributed to lower SERP placement for no apparent reason.

One user reported an overnight drop of more than 25 places in the rankings, despite having made no alterations to their site that could have caused such a decline.

As usual, we await confirmation or otherwise from Google, as the SEO world collectively hopes for some kind of return to normality.