Google’s Response: Does Desktop SEO Retain Its Relevance?

12 Jun, 2024 Desktop SEO

John Mueller, from Google, weighs in on the dilemma faced by developers who are advocating for the abandonment of desktop optimisation strategies.

John Mueller provided insights into the query regarding the viability of discontinuing desktop optimisation efforts amidst Google’s shift towards exclusively indexing mobile versions of websites.

The inquiry is directly linked to a recent announcement made by the concerned party just a week prior.

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Cease Desktop Optimisation for Websites?

Inquiring about the feasibility of forsaking optimisation efforts solely dedicated to desktop versions of a website, the individual seeks guidance on whether emphasis should solely pivot towards mobile-friendly iterations. Their inquiry stems from their recent integration into a company where developers are deeply entrenched in crafting a mobile-exclusive website.

The question can be found below:

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Responsive Website vs. Mobile-Only: A Comparison

John Mueller of Google highlighted the advantages of adopting a responsive website design. This approach streamlines website management by consolidating multiple versions into one while also ensuring a seamless experience for desktop users browsing with traditional browsers. Here’s his response:

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Why Retaining Desktop Compatibility Is Essential

Mueller proceeded to outline the rationale behind the importance of preserving a user-friendly desktop version of a website. He emphasised the significance of accommodating various search engines, crawlers, and visitors who predominantly utilise desktop devices. Highlighting the broader perspective, Mueller underscored that successful conversions and revenue generation hinge upon ensuring accessibility to all site visitors, rather than solely focusing on Google optimisation. Here’s his explanation:

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He went on to emphasise that the purpose of websites extends beyond mere indexing and ranking on Google’s search results pages.

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Following the individual’s clarification that the directive to prioritise mobile had already been established, Mueller responded by framing it as a strategic choice—a matter of selecting where to allocate resources and energy.

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Strategic Flexibility vs. Holding Firm

John Mueller’s insight underscores the wisdom of strategic flexibility over unwavering resistance. However, it’s crucial to document your recommendations and any resistance encountered. This ensures accountability, so if complications arise, responsibility can be properly attributed to those involved.