Google Provides Additional Information on Specific Search Rankings

11 Aug, 2021 Google Provides Additional Information on Specific Search Rankings

Google has released an expansion to its recently introduced results box feature, this provides detailed insights into why a specific search result was allocated in its specific ranking.

Providing invaluable information for web users and SEO firms alike the new feature clearly states which search terms are matched with the content of the webpage, along with other related terms. The extent to which links from other websites affected the SERP position are also indicated, along with the presence of relevant images and whether there were geographical factors that made the page an appropriate recommendation and more.

There is a list of additional tips at the bottom of the box, outlining how to refine the search further if the pages recommended by Google are not relevant or appropriate.

Factors Considered by Google

Google has not yet provided a full disclosure of the various factors that can be displayed in the results box; the following have been spotted by SEOs and webmasters putting the new feature to the test:

  • Search terms that appear in the result.  This indicates that the terms presented are exact matches with those that appear in the content on the suggested page, though may not be visible in the written copy.
  • Search terms related to your search. Google also factors in terms related to the querying question, expanding the user’s search to find matches with other terms of relevance within the content of the webpage.
  • Other websites with your search terms link to this result.  An illustration of the power and importance of high-authority link building, as Google clearly states whether other websites of a similar nature are linking to this page.
  • This result has images related to your search.  Relevant images of quality and value continue to play a major role in SEO performance, as outlined by the inclusion of relevant images in Google’s list of key factors.
  • This result is in [Language]. The feature only currently works in English, but Google is refining its efforts to ensure speakers of all languages are presented with appropriate suggestions in accordance with their search terms.
  • This result is relevant for searches in [region].  Indicates Google’s strong focus on local SEO, prioritising sites and services of relevance to the search term in an appropriate geographic location for the user.
  • More search tips. The user is provided with additional guidelines as to how to refine their search, if they are not satisfied with the results recommended by Google.

The new feature is currently only visible for around 10% of queries and prioritises US English. Google has indicated its intent to expand the feature to 100% of queries and to as many international languages as possible going forward.

Along with helping its users find only the most relevant sites and services for their needs, the new feature could prove invaluable for SEOs looking for insights into their own rankings and those of their competitors.