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How (and Why) to Check for Bum Backlinks to Your Website

Backlinks can be worth their weight in gold as part of a broader SEO campaign. You find high-quality source sites for your backlinks; you persuade them to link to your site and your SEO profile benefits accordingly. Or at least, that’s how things might work in a […]

Header and Footer Links Treated No Differently, Google Confirms

Google’s preference for links in certain positions within a page has long been a subject of heavy debate among SEOs. In particular, whether additional value is given to internal links in header and footer has been quite the contentious issue. Putting the debate to rest once and […]

User Engagement Not a Search Ranking Factor, Google confirms

It has long been assumed that engagement plays a major role in determining a website’s SERP prominence. On social media, engagement is everything – a major contributor to visibility and exposure. The more engagement your content generates, the more likely you are to be showcased prominently by […]

How Google Understands Videos, Summarised by Danielle Marshak

Debate has raged for some time as to exactly how (if at all) Google reads and interprets the content of videos published online. Accompanying textual information is used for SEO purposes, video titles, metas, descriptions and so on, but what about the actual content of the video? […]

Google Explains Page Experience as a Ranking Factor

Having recently completed the desktop version of its Page Experience update, Google has now shed further information on how page experience ranking factors actually work. Specifically, Google search guru John Mueller used a recent Google Office Hours video to discuss the extent to which core web vitals […]

SEO Value of Strategic Internal Linking Discussed by Google’s John Mueller

On several occasions over the past few months, Google’s John Mueller has gone on record to settle the debate about the SEO value of internal linking. Not that there is really anything to debate, given how the value of internal linking has been common knowledge to most […]

Is Google Rolling Out a Major Spring Algorithm Update? Probably Not…

Once again, word on the grapevine suggests that Google could be cooking up something fairly big behind the scenes. But as is almost always the case, they are refusing to offer any direct confirmation in either direction. Talk of a major spring update was sparked a couple […]

Website Migration SEO: What to Do (and What to Avoid)

Website migrations naturally comprise a long list of technical challenges and logistical issues. Not least of which is SEO – i.e. how to maintain your site’s prior SERP performance, following the migration. As is often the case, the worst thing anyone can do when planning a site […]

Is User Search History A Major Google Ranking Factor?

In theory, you would expect user search history to be a major Google ranking factor. Google is engineered to personalise its recommendations to users, in accordance with their unique preferences and browsing habits. In which case, individual search history as a ranking factor would be a no-brainer. […]

Internal Linking Optimisation: What Does it Mean?

For webmasters and marketers, high-authority backlinks are the Holy Grail of SEO. They carry huge weight with Google, they funnel organic traffic to your website, and they have enormous long-term value. On the downside, the process of earning these top-shelf backlinks can be difficult and time-consuming. The […]