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More Volatility Reported Following Rumoured Google Update

Rumours are circulating of a possible Google search algorithm update at the tail-end of October.  The supposed update took place on October 26, after which a number of disgruntled SEOs took to the web to voice their concerns. Several major tracking tools indicated high levels of volatility […]

Rumoured October 15 Google Algorithm Ranking Update Causing Chaos

Reports of suspected Google algorithm updates have become so commonplace they are easy to overlook, particularly when it comes to the minor tweaks that prompt little more than modest change. But what has become the norm over recent weeks is news of seemingly major yet unannounced algorithm […]

Was Google’s October 2 Search Ranking Algorithm Update the Month’s Biggest?

October has come and gone in the blink of an eye, but it has certainly made its presence felt; a month to remember in more ways than one, particularly where Google’s non-stop algorithm updates have been concerned. SEO trackers and online chatter suggest that at least half […]

Has Google Rolled Out Another Significant Algorithm Update?

Google has a tendency to tweak its core algorithm so often that most adjustments do not really qualify as news. Indeed, the search engine itself has said on several occasions that hundreds of minor to moderate modifications are made each year. But when an unannounced and unconfirmed […]

Search Quality Raters Guidelines Updated by Google, New Information Published

Time flies when you are having fun…or simply trying to stay afloat when Google is up to its usual tricks. Hard to believe, but it has been over a year since the official Google Search Quality Raters Guidelines were updated. It was on October 14 last year […]

Has Google Rolled Out Another Major Late-September Update?

All indications on social media point to something going on behind the scenes at Google. Some people are hanging onto hope that it is all some kind of test, temporary fluctuation or anomaly. Elsewhere, most SEOs are now firmly convinced a major search ranking algorithm update has […]

HTML Title Tags Now Used by Google 87% of the Time

There has been much chatter as of late regarding the extent to which Google’s recent title/header change is a game changer. John Mueller has already gone on record to clarify a few points of contention, while Google has now confirmed that it uses HTML title tags 87% of […]

Google Blocks Millions of Android Users from YouTube, Google Maps and Gmail

There was bad news for millions of older Android device users this week, with Google having blocked access to some of the platform’s most important features. As announced by the company several weeks ago, September 27 brought the official withdrawal of access to YouTube, Google Maps and […]

Site Manager User Role Disappears from Google My Business

Google has taken upon itself to remove the ‘Site Manager’ level of user rights within Google My Business. Previously one of the three roles that could be assigned to a Google My Business user, Site Manager has disappeared and been replaced with ‘Manager’. Previously, the three options […]

Search Marketers Encouraged to Prepare as Google Announces Switch from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4

On Tuesday of this week (5th October), Google announced that a new Google Analytics 4 update will be taking place but have not said exactly when. The GA4 update will include data driven attribution, a new Search Console integration and new machine learning models. Although no switch […]