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Google Explains Page Experience as a Ranking Factor

Having recently completed the desktop version of its Page Experience update, Google has now shed further information on how page experience ranking factors actually work. Specifically, Google search guru John Mueller used a recent Google Office Hours video to discuss the extent to which core web vitals […]

SEO Value of Strategic Internal Linking Discussed by Google’s John Mueller

On several occasions over the past few months, Google’s John Mueller has gone on record to settle the debate about the SEO value of internal linking. Not that there is really anything to debate, given how the value of internal linking has been common knowledge to most […]

Is Google Rolling Out a Major Spring Algorithm Update? Probably Not…

Once again, word on the grapevine suggests that Google could be cooking up something fairly big behind the scenes. But as is almost always the case, they are refusing to offer any direct confirmation in either direction. Talk of a major spring update was sparked a couple […]

Is User Search History A Major Google Ranking Factor?

In theory, you would expect user search history to be a major Google ranking factor. Google is engineered to personalise its recommendations to users, in accordance with their unique preferences and browsing habits. In which case, individual search history as a ranking factor would be a no-brainer. […]

Google Completes Desktop Page Experience Update

Announced some time ago and officially started as of February 22, Google has confirmed that its desktop Page Experience Update is now complete. Now comes the time for webmasters and SEOs to assess what (if any) impact the update has had on their performance in the SERP […]

Google Page Experience Update for Desktop Now Well Underway

Late last month, Google announced that it had begun the rollout of its desktop page experience update, scheduled to be fully completed by the end of March.  Originally announced some time ago, the update is now well underway and is set to have a marked impact on […]

Google’s Complex, Outdated Webmaster Guidelines Set for Major Update

Making total sense of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines has never been easy. Not least because they are so incredibly long and complicated, compounded by the fact that they are being amended and updated on a near-constant basis. Consequently, indications that the Google Webmaster Guidelines could be radically overhauled […]

Google: 15% of All Search Queries Are Brand New

The overwhelming majority of online experiences begin with a search; Google alone handles an astonishing 70,000 searches every second of every day. As the world’s most popular and influential search engine, you would think that Google would have seen and heard every possible search term by this […]

32% Increase in Revenues Reported by Google Ads & Microsoft Bing Ads

Having recently published their respective ad revenue reports, a curious coincidence is notable between the two biggest names in paid web advertising. Both Google and Microsoft have released figures indicating an identical 32% increase in ad revenues, courtesy of their Google Ads and Microsoft Bing Ads platforms. […]

How Google’s 2021 Updates Will Affect SEO Strategies in 2022

It’s fair to say that 2021 was a very busy year for search. The year saw Google Search making many system changes including major core updates and smaller algorithm adjustments. For some marketers, this was a real challenge, with many finding it difficult to regain lost rankings […]