Month: October 2021

Confirmed: Choice of WordPress Theme is an SEO Ranking Factor

It has long been suspected that by choosing one WordPress theme over another, your site’s SEO performance could be affected. SEOs and webmaster shave long spoken of switching WordPress themes having a significant impact on their SERP rankings. The whole thing has been confirmed by Google’s John […]

Search Marketers Encouraged to Prepare as Google Announces Switch from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4

On Tuesday of this week (5th October), Google announced that a new Google Analytics 4 update will be taking place but have not said exactly when. The GA4 update will include data driven attribution, a new Search Console integration and new machine learning models. Although no switch […]

Google Ads to Block Ad Targeting Based on the Age, Gender and Interests of Under-18s

Google has confirmed that over the next few months, additional safeguards will prevent ad targeting based on age, gender or interests of users under the age of 18. The move is designed to prevent potentially age-sensitive ad categories targeting teenagers, as part of the company’s ongoing efforts […]