Month: June 2021

The Core Principles of Accessible Website Design

Everyone has experienced the kind of website that makes you wonder what on earth its developers were thinking. Sites that are impossible to navigate on a mobile device, horrendous font choices you can hardly read and navigation systems that are complex simply for the sake of it […]

Microsoft Replaces Manual CPC with Enhanced CPC as of March 2021

Microsoft has published a press release confirming the transition of all search, shopping, and Dynamic Search Ads campaigns without automated bidding strategies to Enhanced CPC (eCPC) as of the beginning of March. The update is predicted to impact millions of businesses and marketers worldwide, though according to […]

Call Tracking: The Evolution of an Advertising Essential

Since its introduction several decades ago, call tracking has played a major role in the marketing and advertising landscape. Traditionally customers would call a business and be asked a couple of direct questions. For example, where they heard about the business, how they got their phone number […]

LinkedIn rolls out several new features

In an effort to keep people engaged and help its users generate better business leads, LinkedIn has rolled out a series of new features for LinkedIn Pages. All of which were introduced relatively quietly and with little fanfare, though it could have made a big difference to […]

Facebook Scores Victory Over Australian Authorities

Following an extensive period of controversy and heated debate, Facebook has officially scored a victory over the Australian government, the social media giant announced earlier this week that an agreement had been reached with authorities which will enable Facebook to continue making its own decisions about which […]

Google: URL Words a Seriously Lightweight Ranking Factor

Google’s John Mueller has been doing his thing again, sharing a few words of wisdom regarding the strategic use of keywords in a sites URL. For some time, debate has raged as to the extent of the choice of words in a URL; URL content has always […]

Google Plans to Target Slanderous Content in New Algorithm Update

A recent report in the New York Times has stated that Google intends to roll out a brand new algorithm update to penalise content containing slanderous and unverified claims about people. The change is said to be a direct result of a previous article run by the […]

Google Confirms that Backlink Numbers are Insignificant

As part of a long string of announcements confirming several things most SEO gurus know, Googles John Mueller has now clarified how backlinks improve search performance. It’s long been theorized and proven many times that quality is more important than quantity, though perhaps the extent to which […]

Google Semi-Confirms Date for Mobile-First Indexing

It has been known for some time that Google was planning a major shift to mobile-first indexing for some point in the first half of 2021. The deadline had initially been set for September last year, though for unknown reasons,would come to be pushed back. Confirming what […]

SEO is Getting Harder, But This Might Not Be a Bad Thing After All

If you handle any aspect of your websites SEO strategy in-house, it cannot have escaped your attention that climbing the ranks is getting harder all the time. For the most part, this is primarily down to the near-insurmountable competition in every online space. Irrespective of what it […]